You know, as a customer, getting on the phone with a sales rep or a customer service rep can be exhausting!

One major reason behind this is that most corporations outsource their sales and customer Support to non-native English speaking countries. This leads to many problems with communication both ways. Sometimes the rep doesn’t understand the customer, in other cases, the customer doesn’t understand the rep.

So calling Spectrum Customer Support was a pleasant change of pace when I encountered real Americans who could understand me correctly. More importantly, I could completely understand the Spectrum customer Support rep. This flow of two-way communication is very important when dealing with a sensitive issue like an irate customer.

If one party does not completely understand the message, the whole communication process is rendered obsolete.

Well, here is my story!

I have broken down my experience with Charter Spectrum Customer Support below:

Waiting Time

One of the most annoying things about calling customer support is the excessively long wait for a representative to answer. Really, it’s among the worst things when you’re an already irritated customer without the service you were promised. I mean, I understand that there will be unavoidable downtime sometimes with my internet, TV or phone.

But on top of that, if support makes you wait, it’s like adding insult to injury. With Spectrum Customer Support, the wait time was roughly somewhere at a midpoint. Not long enough to annoy me but not instantaneous either. I guess that shows that Spectrum is stressing on response time but should have more reps on hand to deal with customers faster.

Ease of Communication

The level of comfort you have with a particular rep varies from person to person, that much is given. But in my long experience as a consumer, I have found that it also varies from organization to organization. If you don’t believe me, call McDonald’s and measure their response to that of Papa John’s. I have found Papa John’s employees to be friendly, upbeat and helpful whereas McDonald’s workers embody the very essence of apathy.

With Spectrum Customer Support, I didn’t have too many complaints. The rep was friendly enough and smart enough to understand my problem. He was also helpful and conducted himself professionally enough. This goes to show that Spectrum is putting at least some amount of effort in the behavioral training of their service reps. Compared to many corporations I have come in contact with, that’s saying a lot.

Resolving the Problem

The most vital point on which I would judge a customer Support is how fast and effectively it resolves problems. With my previous service, it was a wait of 8-10 working days before a technician would visit to resolve the issue. In the meantime, I would amuse myself playing that T-rex game on the Chrome browser. I cannot think of a more annoying issue than a delay in the restoration of my internet service.

Spectrum Customer Support was helpful enough to get a technician to my place in roughly two working days. Now that may seem like a vast improvement over my last provider. But speaking as a consumer, I need an instant response to my complaints. A company should have enough technicians in the field to handle all problems as soon as possible. Spectrum needs to improve delivering support to customers fast.

Overall, I would say that so far my experience with Spectrum has been a vast improvement over my previous providers. But then again I am a very hard customer to please. Up until now, Spectrum has proven itself capable of providing technical support both on the phone and on-site.


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